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– Nancy –

"I've been going to Dr. Mason since 1998 and she has consistently been the nicest, most caring, and knowledgeable dentist I've ever had. Her practice offers the most up to date technology and methods. She is also very good at explaining what she is doing and what your options are for treatment. I recommend Dr. Mason highly."

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"I know what it's like"


Dr. Christina Mason

had a number of traumatic and painful experiences at the hands of dentists when she was growing up. Dr. Mason knew what she and countless others had been through was wrong—you shouldn't have to be afraid or in pain when you go to the dentist!

Now, Dr. Mason has helped thousands of patients manage their fear, get out of pain, and get back in control of their health. 

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Voted Best in the East bay Four Years in a Row

Certified Level Two


 - Only CNO Dentist in California - 


DOCS Education Fellow

Invisalign Gold Plus Provider

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– Courtney –

"I am so thankful for the work done by Dr. Mason and her team. Since beginning care at her facility, my self-esteem has shot up! That is more priceless to me than anything. There is always a smile to greet me when I arrive. The decor in her office is very pleasing. The sound, lighting and music is very welcoming. I highly recommend Dr. Mason's Office."

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A Few Of Our

Patients' Success Stories

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You Shouldn't Have To Settle

Don't settle for fear.

Butterflies in your stomach when you visit the dentist? Clenched jaw and cold sweats? Panic?

You deserve to be comfortable at every visit.

Let's customize your comfort with everything from warm blankets, to Netflix, to sedation--and much more!

There's a better way!

Get back in control.



Don't settle for pain.

Have health care teams pushed past your boundaries when something hurt you?

Your needs must be heard; your boundaries must be respected.

Let's work together and get you out of pain!

There's a better way!

Get out of pain.



Don't settle for loss.

Are you losing confidence, health, or teeth because of fear? Are you losing time and money at the dentist?

You deserve a dental partner who plans every step with you. 

Let's create your individual path together to get you to your health goals!

There's a better way!

Get better teeth for the rest of your life.


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– Cheryl –

Dr Mason and every person on her staff are the best. They do everything possible to make their patients comfortable, and as happy as possible while visiting a dentist. I can't recommend them highly enough. Thank you Dr Mason and staff.

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Our Promise To You

We will always listen to your needs and boundaries.



We will do everything in our power to make you totally comfortable.



We will coach and guide you on correct dental health techniques and treatments.



We will strategize together to help you achieve your individual dental health goals.


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Are you ready?


Let's get you back on track. 


It's time to know what a healthy mouth really feels like.

It's time to know what smiling confidently really feels like.

It's time to know what being in control of your experience at the dentist really feels like.

Are you ready?


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We're looking forward to being part of your journey. 


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