Are you afraid of the dentist?

You're not alone.

We can help.



Have you been putting off a dental visit for months--or years? Is your oral health suffering, but you can't make yourself go in?


Many of our patients have told us that before coming to our office, every visit to the dentist meant cold sweats, extreme fear, or even panic attacks. We hear things like, "I've had bad experiences in the past", or "The last dentist I went to really hurt me". 

At Christina P. Mason, DDS, we want to change that. 

Dr. Mason and her team take pride and extreme care in being able to treat high fear or "dental-phobic" patients with whatever means they're comfortable with. Between advanced numbing techniques, conscious sedation, or specialized relaxation methods, we're confident that our team can be the difference. 

Don't let fear add to your pain any more. 

Our high fear patients tell us things like, "My tooth broke a long time ago"; "I know I have a lot of work to do"; or "I know I should have come in".

We're here to help. Don't let fear get in your way any more and add to your pain or discomfort. Come experience what comfort and care feel like; come get treated like family.